IP Concerns for Startups

Many new and up-and-coming companies want to share their new goods, services, or technology with the world. However, there are mistakes that startups can make that can put their intellectual property at risk. For this reason, each startup should have a carefully considered intellectual property strategy tailored to your company’s goals and industry. Startup owners …

Types of Workplace Discrimination

While businesses in California can make employment decision at will and with little to no explanation, both state and federal laws prohibit an employer from discriminating against employees or applicants based on certain factors. Workplace discrimination comes in different forms, and each situation is unique. If you believe you were the victim of unlawful employment …

What is Trade Secret Protection?

There are different types of legal protections for the intellectual property (IP) of California business owners. Choosing the most effective protection for your IP is critical, as the very success of your business can be on the line if certain information is misappropriated. Many companies choose to protect sensitive information as trade secrets. California adopted …


The most interesting application of the blockchain after cryptocurrencies lies in the idea of Smart Contracts, aka self-executing contracts, which are contracts between two or more parties, in which the terms and conditions of the smart contract can be set to trigger one clause if the pre-requisite for triggering that particular clause has been met. …

Statutes of Limitations: File Your Case before Your Carriage Turns Back into a Pumpkin

A statute of limitations is a legal “clock” dating back to Ancient Rome that creates a timeline within which an aggrieved party must initiate their lawsuit. Generally speaking, if the injured party attempts to commence their action after the statute of limitations has expired, the party may very well be without any remedies. Statutes of …

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