FinTech & Blockchain

FinTech, Blockchain, & Crypto-Currency Law: Beyond the Bitcoin

Every day is significant. Technology appears to be in a race with itself, and every day it is rapidly evolving. Every area of our life on this planet is being impacted by advancements in technology. There is no hiding! What is next?

The latest area that is being transformed is the financial industry and specifically the way we transact business. New terms are popping up: Blockchain, Fiat Currency, Bitcoin, Virtual Currency, FinTech, Ethereum, and the list goes on and on. If you are in this space as an innovator, a service provider, a vendor, an entrepreneur, or just interested in finding ways to get involved, you need to familiarize yourself with the legal issues and make sure you are not caught off guard.

The financial services industry is scrambling to figure out ways to keep up. A new sector called financial technology or FinTech for short has created several dozens of startups with valuations that have skyrocketed. Established players in the field have noticed and are expanding their offerings to include cryptocurrency, smart contracts, blockchain, distributed-ledger technology-based payments and digital currencies, creative online credit and lending options.

Although the law is always the last to catch up, compliance, intellectual property law, including patents and trademarks, privacy laws, cybersecurity laws, and commercial disputes just to name a few of the areas where legal issues need to be addressed. You need to be ready with the right law firm on your side.

Jafari Law Group, a premier law firm in the forefront of Technology and IP law now provides legal services to this rapidly growing sector with:

  1. 1. Procurement and enforcement of Intellectual Property rights including patents, trademarks, and copyrights for innovative, creative solutions to old problems. protection of brands, and counterfeiting prevention
  2. 2. Drafting meaningful technology licensing agreements that govern relationships between companies and vendors of IT and other related services
  3. 3. Consulting with Technology startups to sell, buy, or merge their entities with others, negotiating with VCs, reviewing opportunities for joint ventures, collaboration, licensing of software and other services such as due diligence
  4. 4. Compliance, Compliance, and more compliance including sanctions, OFAC, AML, data privacy and protection, corporate governance, and antitrust
  5. 5. Breach of patent licensing agreements, royalty agreements, commercial disputes, breach of fiduciary obligations, director’s liability and negligence
  6. 6. Access Capital through Initial Coin Offering, ICO
  7. 7. Cryptocurrencies, mobile payments and electronic wallets, DAPPS (de-centralized APPS) , tokens and related innovations

We are at the forefront of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We have published articles regarding distributed ledger technology, digital currency. With more than 25 years of combined experience in the computer hardware architecture, software, mainframe computing

and super minicomputer and multi-processing memory hierarchy experience and know-how, we are second to none in our ability to comprehend and appreciate the value of your hard-earned intellectual property assets. We are committed to helping you devise an IP strategy that is meaningful and claims the broadest possible rights to support the highest amount of valuation for your business or startup.