Orange County Copyright Attorney


Copyrights are a form of protection provided to the creators of original works of authorship, such as literary, musical, and other artistic works. We at Jafari Law Group can help to ensure that your creative works are federally protected.

Although your work immediately becomes your property once it is materialized into a fixed form, the benefits of obtaining a federally registered copyright are worth the effort. Some of these benefits include: putting the public on notice of your federally registered copyright, the ability to bring a lawsuit in federal court for copyright infringement, and the possibility of obtaining statutory damages and attorney's fees.

Call one of our intellectual property attorneys today to take advantage of owning a federally registered trademark.

All copyrighted materials must first be registered with the US Copyright Office before they can be guaranteed any sort of legal protection. Registering a work for copyright protection will give you greater control of your ideas, particularly if you wish to sell or license them to others. We will help you with all of the various steps in the registration process from the application to the filing of any subsequent paperwork. We have plenty of experience in registering copyrights and we know the fastest, most effective ways to get your copyright registered with the least amount of hassle.